San Francisco

Posters and Roy Overstreet

Eric Locke Gallery

Good posters are fine art. They are genuine pop art. They have mass appeal despite their excellence. They are worthwhile collector’s items. These are the points made by the group of recent posters designed by the old masters of modern art, including Victor Brauner, Jean Arp, Raoul Dufy, Hans Erni, Henri Matisse, Bernard Buffet and Francis Bacon. Most of them were designed to announce the artist’s own shows. However, Kees van Dongen’s Fauvish “Normandie-Beach” is a travel poster and Picasso’s full-feathered white dove was created as a symbol of peace and used to proclaim the ill-fated summit conference on disarmament. This is a collector’s selection, and as such reflects the taste of an individual. Eric Locke has a knowing eye and exquisite taste.

Roy Overstreet is at a disadvantage here. His small sculptures in the garden are overwhelmed by their surroundings, and should have another chance.

Palmer D. French