San Francisco

Ron Boise

Vorpal Gallery

Mr. Boise exhibits miniature sheet-metal sculptures consisting of a series of mannequin couples disposed in various attitudes of amorous dalliance, and rendered with those obvious schematizations of the human figure that have become cliches of the more commercial and decorative employments of the medium. Photo-reproductions of essentially the same subject matter from GrecoRoman nymph-and-satyr friezes and the Pompeian murals have long occasioned considerable (and often rather ludicrous) controversy between museum scholars and customs’ censors. However, this ancient erotic art is lyrical, evocatively sensuous and highly sophisticated in its stylism, while Mr. Boise’s offerings seem little more than crude hieroglyphic equivalents for trivial and commonplace pornographic statements—some of which might conceivably serve as schematic diagrams for those having difficulty with Baron van Krafft-Ebing’s Latin. One is given to understand that Mr. Boise “lives on an island off of Yucatan.” Presumably as a hermit.

Palmer D. French