Los Angeles

William B. Dole

Esther Bear Gallery, Santa Barbara

Amazing William Dole has done it again. The show at the Esther Bear Gallery of collages, watercolors, and drawings are all new and have been produced since January of 1963. There is a new and different note in much of this new work. Having worked within the discipline of collage he is developing a new treatment of areas and edges. In his watercolors he is moving away from his former usually hard-edged, geometric style and shows a more fluid edge with many nuances and variations. He is also more concerned with texture in these watercolors. “Sun Setting Beach,” has a light quality and freedom that is reminiscent of Turner. His drawings also show new interest: using a finer pen, his line has become more tenuous and yet has more subtle variation in it. The collages are more colorful and in a sense more literal. An exquisite collage “Small Town Near Butte,” has all the elements of a realistic landscape, but is so sensitively applied that it still remains an abstract expression. “The Chatterer” is a vertical collage with a mixture of textures and surfaces unified by Dole’s unfailing taste and discrimination.

Harriette von Breton