Los Angeles

Alexander Canedo

Galleria Gianni

To spare the foolish notions, there ought to be a law requiring dates for the quo­tations embellishing exhibition an­nouncements. Seeing as others see re­quires the same site, and the distance between 1932 and 1963 affects one’s vi­sion. In a literate world where Picasso and Matisse as well as Holbein and Rembrandt are known to so many peo­ple and are available in so many repro­ductions, the following quote taken from the current Canedo announcement is fla­vorsome: “Canedo is a draughtsman in the old master tradition. I can’t think of no (sic) other living man who surpas­ses him in the purity of his line, and right few equal him.” —Emily Genauer, New York World Telegram (sic).

Canedo’s slick male and female pin­ups vanish in a smudge at such trying places as the drapery, pelvis and hands. Their one virtue is being under non-re­flective glass.

Rosalind G. Wholden