Los Angeles


Sissor Bros. Warehouse (Rolf Nelson Gallery)

A “Pop” event whose purpose ostensibly was not publicity but “stunt.” Sissor initiators of the BLINK stencil, Alison Knowles, George Brecht and Robert Watts took an in­creasingly anonymous role in the man­ufacture and assembling of BLINK products. BLINK postage stamps, cigar­ettes, kerchiefs, bridal photo, undies, “Thrift Table,” pickings from Pasadena junk shops were Nelson additions to the New Yorkers’ shipment of pus-col­ored square canvases, bedspread, bath­ing suit, sweatshirt and harem pillow stenciled BLINK. Anonymity was avail­able to all by a BLINK stamping service. The whiff of apocalypticism sent up by this stunt seemed quite fragrant in comparison with the realities of digit dialing and zip codes.

Rosalind G. Wholden