Los Angeles

Gloria Longval

Paideia Gallery

Miss Longval exhibits oils, pastels and draw­ings all in Rembrandt browns and rich golds. Her subject of choice is mother-­and-child in many variations, all sensi­tive and competent naturalistic paint­ings but lacking in excitement. Her best, a self-portrait, is strongly reminiscent of Kathe Kollwitz. Miss Longval remem­bers color but once, in her rich little still life of pears and pink apples. The social forces mentioned in the exhibi­tion brochure are manifest chiefly in the downcast glances of brown-skinned women of uncertain ethnic origin, and wistful, possibly hungry children. A study of two faces entitled Fear makes use of stark highlights a la Cara­vaggio and in Worker there is some delicate modulation, the inception of pattern and a facial technique strongly reminiscent of Goya.

Mary Ewalt