Los Angeles

Group Show

Galerie de Ville

This exhibition includes two stunning can­vases by Christian Title: Village in Portugal and Outskirts—Lyon, also a village scene, with elegant sonorous surfaces. This painter's cerulean cy­presses and madder oaks are the green­est of green trees. There is a stunning group of primitives by a very young ar­tist, Diane Bryer, who is just beginning to show and whose fantastic little paint­ings will delight many. Among them is a flowered carousel horse, a small oil entitled The Neighbors incisively painted with Ulysses S. Grant furniture motifs. This untaught painter has a love­ly imagination and is not a bit afraid to put down more than what she sees. The exhibition further includes a stun­ning Daumier oil of Carabinieri sleeping with their prisoner on a guardhouse bench, a simple canvas with desiccated apples casting their shadows, and a small painting by Cort Jacobsen, one of the leading Danish impressionists. This is an exquisite four inch square ex­cerpt from the country life of a retired couple and their dog. A Sacha Moldovan Village Scene is strongly reminiscent of Soutine. The painter, who has recent­ly been put under contract, is practical­ly unobtainable.

Mary Ewalt