Los Angeles

“Prints and Drawings”

O. P. Reed

La Cienega gallery-goers who think the action stops at Melrose obviously don't know O. P. Reed. Those who do know him apply such phrases as “nice guy,” “great storyteller of the Los Angeles art world, past and present,” and to this should be added “thoroughly knowl­edgeable dealer in prints and drawings.”

His office (by no stretch of the imagi­nation could it be called a gallery) con­tains a cluttered desk, a few tables, pipe rack, boxes of prints, and a library of print reference books a museum would envy. There are also a few framed prints and drawings on the walls. Among these is an exceedingly rare proof of an unpublished Toulouse-Lautrec litho­graph, Cycle Michael, originally in­tended as a poster to advertise a cyclist race. His inventory of prints and draw­ings ranges from early and rare German and Italian woodcuts to modern Euro­pean and American offerings.

Virginia Allen