Los Angeles

Robert Bassler

Comara Gallery

The recent sculpture of this young artist has been seen a great deal in southern California in the last few years. He works in large abstract forms with a heavily grained wood which is often joined with considerable skill. There are pieces in which an element estab­lishes a primary direction and subsidi­ary elements give a sense of balanced purpose and integration to the whole. Most often, however, the work tends to have the look of continued and patient addition without selection or esthetic judgment. A number of pieces, worked within rectangular box shapes and utiliz­ing a cast stone composition in con­junction with the stained wood shapes, seem utterly without meaning. This life­less, academic repetition of forms, mo­tives and plastic organizations, simply because they lend themselves to the nature of the wooden material, ought not be misjudged by the presence of hand skills, techniques and attractive woods.

Gerald Nord­land