Los Angeles

Arthur Millier

Ankrum Gallery

A critic and etcher, Millier shows after twenty years of fruitful retirement that he has come back to his art with renewed spirit and undiminished skill. There is obvious continuity in Mr. Millier’s work. Some of the earlier works dating back to the 20’s are suggestive of the Japanese manner and fraught with the thanatopic longings usually associated with mountains and vast distances, whereas the more recent ones have developed more personal nostalgias. Mr. Millier has all the requisite delicacy of the etcher and also a romantic and sometimes illustrative touch. His recent scenes of a vanishing California, for example, might be plates out of Don Quixote. He succeeds in depicting the greatest sense of umbrageous depth, vast stretches of receding flatness and roads that go up and down so well they create a loop-the-loop sensation. These etchings often have the poignancy of an Albert Marquet oil or the exquisite serenity and security of a little Vermeer.

Mary Ewalt