Los Angeles

Camille Blair

Ernest Raboff Gallery

A most incredible group of painting-collage-sculpture-things is the current fare at Ernest Raboff Gallery. Pebbles, sand, seaweed, driftwood, seashells, and, yes, starfish combine with the more traditional materials of oil paint and canvas to produce a batch of brilliantly colored, primitive figures that dance, run, twist, turn, and even seem to pop off the picture surfaces.

At times, these are really fun. In the surrealistic Emergence of the Siren, for example, fanciful figures cavort against a Dali-like landscape of orange sun and navy-blue ground. A huge driftwood club projects from a tiny framed picture and becomes Cave Man.

It is doubtful if anyone would seriously weigh the artistic merit of these pieces. If one can judge from these creations, Camille Blair is the enviable possessor of a vivid imagination and sense of joie de vivre, one who finds great joy in doing what she does. However, imagination and bliss have never been and will never be sufficient to produce an artist.

Virginia Allen