Los Angeles


Sabersky Gallery

A collection of drawings including a small composite Venice by Berman about which one is apt to say “I think I know just where that is!” because a piece of the Dogana is showing and a curlicue of the Salute; two works by R. Fukui which are partly silk screen, partly etching, one, of a bottle and a saucepan a. 1a Morandi, and one, a flower piece with cobwebs and cracks; a large Campigli lithograph of the artist’s version of an Amiens-like facade so beloved of Ruskin and Proust; a Leger lithograph in the familiar manner; an Ethiopian drawing on goat skin for the aficionado of this sort of thing—very lovely in its way —and a set of twenty russet woodcuts by Aristide Maillol illustrating Virgil’s Eclogues done for a special edition by publisher Gonin. The Gallery also has a lovely collection of illuminated manuscript pages, something for everybody’s taste.

Mary Ewalt