Los Angeles

Ernest Lacy

Heritage Gallery

A young painter who, until recently, had never been outside the continental United States. The present exhibition is the fruit of time spent in Mexico during which Mr. Lacy regaled himself with its churches and monuments. This is a kind of painting one rarely sees nowadays; it is illustrative and as smooth as a page from the Saturday Evening Post yet the canvases, upon close scrutiny, are beautifully textured. The artist has as peculiarly a static quality as a student of architecture: even his foliage, in almost every painting, is at rest. Temperatures are very evident, Mr. Lacy painting shade, for example, extremely well, and green and yellow Van Gogh hills in soft, not torturing, sunlight. He is partial to shrubbery, shaded walks and summer belvederes and obsessed by church facades. In his painting of Santo Domingo, the delicate “sealing wax” flowers in the foreground are the harbinger of what is to come in Interior in Oaxaca, a totally fresh departure in a new key. Apparently, however, this exhibition is in only one of Lacy’s several manners for he has shown etchings and drawings which are so far removed as to be unidentifiable with the present collection. The show also includes several pieces of sculpture by James Hueter in his massive, compressed, suave and elegant style.

Mary Ewalt