Los Angeles

James And Elizabeth Fuller

El Jardin Gallery

This little gallery dies this month with a lively showing of James Fuller’s paintings and Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller’s tapestries. Fourteen oils, the meat of the show, though varied and in some cases influenced, have a unity and vitality which speaks of the search and integrity of the artist. Two large works, A Mortal’s Altar and Phoebe Bust with Flowers, are Braqueish in their subtle earthy colors and still-life conception but nevertheless personal and well done. Two others, Blooming Cereus and Song of Blighted Flowers, are experiments in which closed forms trap warm colors and painted surfaces in a selective structure. Laguna Weekend and Spring Painting, on the other hand, are open, gay and airy with a breathing room some of the other paintings lack. Green Altar, a lush but gentle still-life, and Altar Bouquet, a flower symbol with the simple power of an Arthur Dove, give added strength to the show. Mrs. Fuller’s tapestries are simple and stunning, particularly the brown and black patterned Wedding Rug and Sicilian History, the red and blue figured Horsemen and Sunburst.

Jorgen Hansen