Los Angeles

Robert Andrew Parker

Ryder Gallery

Parker has an impressive roll call of exhibitions and is represented in many major collections. His work is of the greatest integrity and refinement. Morocco, a study of Arabs in intense heat and glare barely filtered by palm trees, is awash with light under opaque and transparent watercolor, reminiscent of certain works of Degas where the different colored layers of the dancer’s tutus are distinctly seen. There is a lovely homage to Brecht in opaline colors to match an opaline sky in Brecht’s poem illustrated by the artist in this delicate and emaciated work. Protected by his beard from public scrutiny of his besetting sin, the artist makes us feel the violence of his subject’s agitation, the intensity of his preoccupation. The other participant in this exhibition is Taddeus Lapinsky, a Polish artist who has just spent a year in this country and is soon to return to Paris. His works are colored lithographs in small editions, all of great delicacy of form and color. No surface is really flat and all forms are subtly interconnected in such manner as to be read in several different ways. Though the influences of Klee and Miro are manifest, Mr. Lapinsky is a distinctive artist.

Mary Ewalt