Los Angeles

Robert Freemark

Rivas Gallery

For three years artist in residence at the University of Iowa, Freemark shows a series of large watercolor landscapes—coloring rich and somber, overlaid with charcoal—in which there is a persistent beat that makes itself felt in a bold up-and-down stroke. In a large oil entitled Tree House, Mr. Freemark changes his “beat” into oval configurations which are just as musical, filling the work with a joyful rhythm as of the childhood expectation of leafy isolation. Mexican Holiday, a large, bisected oil painting is a stunning piece of prismatic painting in which hills may be read into abstract forms and a face appears in one half the canvas amidst the baubles and confetti confusion of a fiesta. All the works are full of motion as if a restless wind were blowing through them. Included in the exhibition is a series of serigraphs of the different states with vague nostalgic and symbolic touches—Kansas getting much better than it deserves with brilliant art nouveau patterning.

Mary Ewalt