San Francisco

Group Show

Maxwell Galleries

In the almost endless space of this vast, plush gallery were shown paintings by such venerables as Arthur B. Davies, George Luks, Winslow Homer, Prendergast, Robert Henri, Bouguereau, Dufy, Modigliani, Matisse, Mary Cassatt, etc. The only work absent was the customary Renoir. The Homer was so frightfully dull-colored that it is shocking to think this artist ever painted anything that bad. The paint on the Arthur B. Davies nymph scene seems to have oxidized to a dull, dark rust; at any rate, something is drastically wrong with the color on that canvas. The Prendergast is not bad and the same, can be said for Mary Cassatt’s pastel of two girls. Also shown was a rather good trompe l’oeil by William Harnett. Along the same line is a 17th-century Dutch flower painting. Perhaps the most successful of the contemporary (and unknown) paintings were several collages built around symbolic doves by Lydia Modi-Vitale.

Joanna C. Magloff