Los Angeles

Elias Friedensohn

Feingarten Galleries

It is probably not important to know whether New Yorker Friedensohn’s careful disrobing of figures in his pencil drawings is due to a fascination with nudity or some personal psychoanalytical commentary best expressed in this fashion, but nude they are and when this aspect is coupled with the curious expressions implanted on their faces, the artist lures your full attention. The fragilely constructed but monumental figures stand or sit in stunned immobility, leer evilly, stare questioningly, or look directly out at you in utter disbelief, much as if you were being escorted through a mental hospital where you were given the disturbing privilege of peeking into occupied cells. Two ink wash drawings play games much in the fashion of Tchelitchew—a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t kind of presentation with human visages emerging from mysterious geological formations. Although the major portion of this disappointingly small exhibition is composed of the silver-point-like nude drawings, Friedensohn has included a single large oil which encourages an interest to see more.

Curt Opliger