Los Angeles

Enrique Castro-Cid

Feigen-Palmer Gallery

This exhibition of paintings and two constructions by a South American artist uses images derived from anatomical illustrations found in medical textbooks and medical students’ notebooks. Dealing with the human anatomy, the pictures expose in vivid find-the-organ-and-follow-the-function colors a disturbing and singularly unpleasant distortion of our innards.

The style, in general, is related to much recent Pop Art, but the imagery creates a situation where some very special knowledge is required of the viewer in order to recognize that these are not merely large visual teaching aids. Had the formal conception been more active and the color placements less arbitrary, this particular problem might have been alleviated. The more successful constructions with moving parts bear out this idea since their witty, toy-like quality, offers an immediate sense of involvement both visually and with the idea of the subject matter.

Don Factor