Los Angeles

Guy Williams

David Stuart Gallery

In this show of recent fiberglass relief sculptures we see a concern with the sensuous moldings of nature which runs through the work of a great many California sculptors. Williams sets writhing, amorphous forms into rectangular boxes which are set onto larger rectangles or juxtaposed to them, creating a kind of contrapuntal tension between ideas of natural flow and eruption, with manmade structures. The look of the work is pleasant, but, somehow, the effect is of too simple a resolution. One thinks of the similar shapes in the work of Peter Voulkos, and of the way they tend to teeter on the edge of violence. With Williams, the elements are all there, but nothing seems about to happen. We are confronted with forms that bespeak action, but fail to act and, thus, function only as attractive decorations within the context of contemporary abstract sculpture.

Don Factor