Los Angeles

Anya Fisher

Galleria Gianni

Many pleasant oil paintings are displayed of still-life, landscape and genre scenes using opaque oil in a loosely handled manner. One feels a certain lack of involvement and energy, a reliance on the anecdotal in a sentimental sense, a superficiality and lack of resolution of elements. The most striking effect is the apparent painting of these scenes over a generally bright underpainting. In certain areas the opaqueness of the top coat is left open to allow this undercoat to show through little windows, as it were, to the beyond. The possibilities of this concept and its development are very rich indeed, but unfortunately here the effect is gimmicky, decorative, and incidental to the meaning. The appearance is that this was an accidental discovery made when doing over an old painting carried on with little personal meaning or development. One wonders even from the glimpses we get, if the underpainting might not have been richer, freer and more exciting in itself.

Barbara Smith