Los Angeles

Dennis Beal and John L. Ihle

Comara Gallery

Intaglio prints by these two Bay Area printmakers fulfill major pre-requisites of printmaking: a sense of craftsmanship, and respect for the materials of the chosen medium. Without exception these pieces, employing aquatint, etching, and sugarlift, are exquisitely and flawlessly printed. Both artists realize and utilize the interplay of white paper and inked, incised areas. lhle uses classical tondo shapes when his lyrical, flowing forms dictate. Beal’s crisp images are contained within irregularly shaped metal plates, sometimes used in multiples to impress sculpture-like inked and inkless forms into the paper. Unfortunately, however, this superb craftsmanship and understanding of the intaglio process are occasionally for naught. Though some of the prints function as complete works of art, others very glibly say very little.

Virginia Allen