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Group Show

Cowie Galleries

From this grab-bag of irritating “pleasantries” only Maurice Chabas (1862–1948) and the late Armin C. Hansen contribute standouts. The Chabas’ include an impressionist coast panorama and a far more interesting figure group arrayed beneath a swirling arabesque of foliage. In this canvas he seems to have been bridging in parallel the academic grace of Puvis de Chavannes with the consistently dotted surface and rigid color system prevalent in the era when pointilism, the Nabis, and early Fauve impulses were proceeding on their diverse ways. As an accessory to a crucial period it has an inherent eclectic and decorative charm.

Hansen’s large boat and harbor views and two tiny Dutch scenes show him to have possessed a controlled but vigorous hand, a strong inclination for the forceful silhouette, and to have been particularly adept in packing the lowest cool registers with diversity. His liquid atmospheric effects are fine, and on the basis of these few intriguing samples, he could easily become the candidate for more widespread recognition and appreciation.

Fidel A. Danieli