Los Angeles

Mary Lee McNutt

Rex Evans Gallery

The showing of glazed oils and transparent watercolors demonstrate obvious mastery and maturity, and as in Seascape #10, Santa Monica Pier, and Treasures, the ability of the artist to raise the commonplace to a rare degree of poetic delight. Doubts arise in assessing the merit of rigid repeated lines of construction in this feminine vaporousness.

From internal evidence it may be possible to simulate McNutt’s muse of artistry and beauty. Stepping past an isolating vignette and into a world of tasteful romanticism, she appears bathed in diaphanous flows, robed in impeccable sophistication, serene, slow, and cool, set off by the accenting touches of gorgeous jewels. But this muse spends an overgenerous amount of time checking to see if her seams are straight and her pleats in place. Her slip (of labored design and trite organization) is not only showing, but her gentle undoing.

Fidel A. Danieli