Los Angeles

Michael Seuphor

Esther Robles Gallery

Once again we are treated with a show of works by Michel Seuphor who has long been known for his versatility and contributions in the modern arts both visual and verbal. Here we see his own vision of reality. Intuitive without emotionalism, meditative, the perfect harmony or blend where the apparent accident becomes so harmonious to the inner compatibility with the flux of life that the spontaneity of an entity becomes coincident with totality. The self awareness and perceptiveness to the flow of life necessary for the control Seuphor achieves is evident in the beauty of resolution of his works.

These are basically black and white freehand drawings (with some use of collage and pure color) of parallel lines varied nearly imperceptibly into areas of greater and lesser density. Certain lines come together as if to meet, but since they do not, often form a negative space—or is it the edge of a plane or a superimposed shape? Certainly an ambiguity, they are the optical discrepancy of edges which do not meet or define anything. These are not drawings that grasp at reality but rather accept life as a process. There is a continual sense of wave-like movement generally from the top down, and, as if at random, over the linear flow fall certain white squares or rectangular shapes, that make the purity of symbol, the entity and the flow. Even in the hard-edge piece of large areas of pure color in semi-interlocking shapes, there is the sense of movement.

Several of his larger (very taxing when one thinks of their execution) pieces were chosen by a Belgian tapestry maker who made one of a kind from blow-ups placed behind her loom. Two were available to bring to the United States for this showing, and it is worth noting that these were held up by customs for eight months at the Robles’ expense because of inadequate rules as to whether these are manufactured items or bona fide works of art.

Barbara Smith