Los Angeles

Group Show

Paul Rivas Gallery

Moselle Townsend, Marsha Singer, Jari Havlena, Bently Schaad, Richard Stine, and Robert Freimark each have one or two paintings in this group exhibition of gallery artists. Two pieces seem worthwhile. Moselle Townsend uses a triptych format for Rock Forms. Impasto and collage materials—sand, string, burlap—are skillfully and purposefully combined in earth tones, subtly playing off contrasting textures. The triptych format, which could have easily turned into a gimmick, becomes an integral part of the conception. Transitions between the panels are made easily, and spring naturally from the materials themselves. Robert Freimark’s Tree House nestles in a nostalgic, isolated but believable world. With professional mastery of the sketchy brush-drawing technique he has chosen to use, Freimark paints a mood. His statement is simple, economical, and direct, allowing the spectator’s response to contribute the complexities.

Virginia Allen