Los Angeles

Robert Moesle

Gallery De Silva, Santa Barbara

Robert Moesle is a young California figurative painter currently working in France. He is personally deeply involved in his paintings, has a message and works it through in his canvases. Moesle’s main theme is the universal suffering of mankind, reflected in his titles and subject matter. They Refuse to Renounce is an emotional painting of religious persecution through the ages, with tortured bodies moving forward from the cross in an unceasing stream of agony. Exception to the Rule is a large oil done in monochromatic yellows of a massive Negro woman reaching for freedom, holding a gossamer symbol of the Emancipation Proclamation in her hand. Most of his other paintings, including the watercolors, are satirical comments.  Who Remembers the Glorious Victory is Moesle’s comment on war and its futility. In his protest against things he does not like, Moesle alters them into visual statements of strong, moving images. His pictures have bite and power.

Harriette Von Breton