San Francisco

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Vorpal Galleries

This small North Beach gallery has recently added some impressive talent to its stable. Outstanding among the newer young painters is Miss Tomur Atagok, whose large abstract oil on canvas, Reaching No. 3, displays a capacity to conjure intriguing, bold, simple forms, dynamic contrasts, and extremely subtle modalities of texture and surface. Noteworthy among the recently acquired graphics exhibitors is Steve Elvin who evolves fantastic microcosms in labyrinthine whorls of tenuous linearities. Among the older regulars, Muldoon Elder, always a sensitive draftsman, is exploring new directions in oil pastels, involving systematic experiments in psychological optics: juxtaposition of complementary colors in such a way as to produce the “hallucinatory” undulances of after-image “feed-back,” as well as different sets of images that may emerge from the same configuration through transposability of the “negative-positive” space polarity.

Palmer D. French