Los Angeles

Amalia Schulthess

Esther-Robles Gallery

These fifteen pieces of recent sculpture by Amalia Schulthess include several large bas-reliefs, a group of small animal figures, and some medium-size, free standing pedestal pieces.

Far and away, the outstanding piece in the exhibition is the four foot tall bronze Torso. Its monumental proportions and idealized form suggest a modern manifestation of the classical idiom. Gently modulating curves produce the quietly sensual beauty of linear simplicity. Textural excitement completes the sensory feast.

Unfortunately, the rest of the exhibition falls short of this noble beginning. What was classical restraint in Torso becomes a shackling of all passion as life itself flees the well-heeled metal forms. The sinuous meanderings of Basso Rilievo #3 seem utterly without purpose. Crumpled metal in-the-round pieces do possess a twitch of life, but in quantities insufficient to rouse them to action.

Virginia Allen