Los Angeles

Channing Peake

Esther Bear Gallery, Santa Barbara

Peake is a well-known Santa Barbara artist and his show consists of oil paintings, watercolors, collages and most recent pieces of sculpture. These five sculptures are his first and only. He has found a new media in which he expresses himself originally and uniquely. They are all done in the lost wax process and the casting of these pieces is unusually beautiful and fine. Four of the pieces are of horses, one is a finely modeled Ram’s head. The sculptures have the quality of a series of finely wrought small jewel-like forms assembled and built into the total powerful form.

In his painting, Peake works right up to the edge of the picture and strives for complete integration of shape and composition. In Volcanic Tide, a rich gouache painting, he starts a circular movement of color and moves it into the ever-widening motion of fire massing and bursting out of a volcanic crater. The paint is thick and built up as a volcanic flow might pour out and cool.

In his oils he is now using marble dust which he mixes with the paints, and sets up the surface of the picture with a hard, tough, almost indestructible surface and matte finish.

His collages have dimension and volume, some of them modeled with a feeling of sculpture. He paints papers with various media, textures and designs and then re-works them as a collage image against another painted and prepared background.

Harriette Von Breton