Los Angeles


Los Angeles Art Association

A group show chosen from members’ works by Harry Carmean, Mrs. Renee Groch and William Willheim, and a thematic exhibit that is not necessarily “natural,” as various styles referring to nature have been employed with a potpourri of techniques not always fortunate. Many of the 42 painters and 9 sculptors evidence a definite need for serious study, if only to free them from the realm of pastiche.

Technically better works in the show are Morning Riders, a competent oil with an illustrative quality by Shirl Goedike, Gregory Gluckman’s oil, Grapes, which, though more tenuous, is a pleasing still-life reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century academy paintings, Nico Van Den Heuvel’s Attic, which, though well composed and showing a knowledge of draftsmanship, is perilously close to a painting class exercise, and, in contrast, Phyllis Barczak’s My Street, a slightly abstracted oil with little content. Most convincing in its rhythmic simplicity of form and relaxed tenderness is Burton Freund’s small bronze Nocturne.

Betje Howell