Los Angeles

José Ma Dena, Anita Chermoy, Louis Goodman

Elson-Robyns Gallery

José Ma Dena, a Mexican painter of versatile ability shows a predilection for egg tempera painting in the Renaissance style. His subjects range from children, Women with Bangs,  to a St. Paul, Seagulls and Roses. He has a line of the greatest delicacy and the flower studies are reminiscent of Albrecht Dürer. Anita Chermoy shows a series of theatre improvisations in wash drawings made during actual performances. Commedia dell’Arte figures are often discernible. In another group, Miss Chermoy does highly decorative semi-abstract and witty pen and ink pieces. The third artist is Louis Goodman who shows a collection of assemblages, each with its own consistent mood, the most important of which is Composition of Found Objects, and the most amusing of which is Space Age Witch’s Broom, a Dada object of great potential utility. The show is rounded out by some airy watercolors of Italian cities and Greek Islands by Don Elson and Annette Robyns—the fruits of a recent European trip.

Mary Ewalt