Los Angeles

Joyce Rezendes

Felix Landau Gallery

Joyce Rezendes, a San Francisco artist, is young, brave, bold and fired with the excitement of religious celebrations and festivals.

Miss Rezendes attended California College of Arts and Crafts and the San Francisco Art Institute on scholarships and obtained her BFA from Arts and Crafts in September 1957. She also attended the summer Academy of Oskar Kokoschka in Salsburg, Austria and then returned to Mills College in 1960 where she received an assistantship and her MA in 1961.

She is unabashed and uninhibited in her use of color and also in her paint application. She is a young experimentalist, uses pastels as though they were oils and creates remarkably vibrant color passages with them. She layers her oils in heavy impasto and crude brush strokes. Her triptych Posada, is the most important painting in her show. It is on fire with hot Mexican colors and massed groups of people expectantly waiting in the night. Parachicos is a frenzied painting of mesmerized, hypnotic, masked figures with fixed eyes and a vacant searching.

Harriette Von Breton