Los Angeles

Karl Kanol

Silvan Simone Gallery

The exhibition of recent canvases by veteran painter Karl Kanol at the Silvan Simone Gallery inspired disappointment. The enormously impressive background of this artist would predicate works of equal stature, but for some reason it does not. The greater portion of the pictures concentrate on the Mexican landscape and populace but does justice to neither. If it were possible to mix Kokoschka (omitting the sensitive and sweeping color harmonics), with the peasantries of a Chagall (withhold the wit and romance), and stir in a Soutine (without the potent brush), you might come up with something resembling a Kanol. The tragedy of it is that one feels the potential of sixty-two year old Kanol to be not much more than a brush stroke away. Where there might have been consequence there is superficiality, and where there might have been incisive wit there is only whimsicality, and where there might have been compassion there is only passing forbearance. Where there might have been acclaim, there is perfunctory applause.

Curt Opliger