Los Angeles

Group Show

Ryder Gallery

A group show which is interesting only because the exhibitors are predominantly foreign and their works show personal approaches stemming from various geographical areas. Two painters from abroad, one from France, the other Japan, make the best showing in this unimpressive display. The French artist Michel Albert’s still-life paintings are architectonic in content. He paints flowers in textured structures, with bold strokes of pigment and just a hint of a Cézanne influence, which fortunately does not weaken his work.

Nakayama, a resident of Tokyo, brings a strong lyrical quality to his portrayals of Japanese landscapes and subject matter, more suggestive of Western abstractions than any Eastern derivative. The stoneware sculpture of Swedish Bertel Vallien is noteworthy for its imagery and craftsmanship involving innumerable forms, enclosures and symbols—all done with a master potter’s deft hand yet a sculptor’s freedom of expression. Upstairs the New York artist Minna Citron is showing her recent oils, collages and graphics.

Betje Howell