Los Angeles

Sheila Ross

Ceeje Gallery

Miss Ross shows many works in many media and it is the wittiest display in a long time. Miss Ross, in her quiet, unassuming way, sneaks up rather than flays the watcher with her cleverness and the variety of little things she has to say. There are a great many pictures on a great many subjects—from a memory of the Illinois Central Train Yard to a history of Cock Robin, and from a “Cloudscape” to a presentation of the Bahai Temple in Wilmette, made of decal cat heads and valentine flowers. There is a self-portrait of a lady—the artist herself—whom the viewer already wants to meet. Miss Ross, while borrowing something from the battle painters of the Napoleonic campaigns, even something from the comic strip, brings a lot that is strictly her own, an astonishing delicacy and a total lack of dread in being found old fashioned.

Mary Ewalt