Los Angeles

Thomas McFarland

Customhouse Gallery

This young etcher’s progress in the past five years is apparent in this tidy showing. His personal and heavily-wrought interpretations of imagery are drawn from mythology, favoring a columnar female accompanied by a supporting beast or the active pulsation of involved gesturing groups. Essentially he has staked out the extremes of a polarity while bridging technique (not the usual craftsman’s mystique) with his subject matter. The clear and fluid draftsman’s emphasis in the white-on-black Persian Carpet and Signature Three contrasts well and equally with the invention and change and intricacy of the intaglios, in the symbolic figures in Hieroglyph or the evolving stuffs which surround the stately and spectral grand dame of Figure in Interior. In working toward a limp organic distortion of form braced by linear clusters of complicated detail and hidden parts, Judgment of Paris and the two Resurrections, though suffering slightly from a zealot’s burnished overwork, are not only the most recent, but the most ambitious in terms of size and scope.

Fidel A. Danieli