Los Angeles

Annual Faculty Exhibition

University of Southern California

The School of Architecture and Fine Arts presents a somewhat skimpy assortment with a strong and not unexpected emphasis on design. The commercially acceptable wares of the ceramists, weavers, and textile designers, geared unmemorably o the marketplace, mark the applied arts with uninspired technical competence. The graphic designer, Debora Sussman, stands out in the area however, as a lively member of the “pointing hand and asterisk” school of jumpy typography.

Though the general view establishes a queasy sense of confidence, unusual examples are found in the repeated image prints by Wachsmann and Braun’s flowing Water Talk. Space limitations no doubt affected George Baker, Harold Gebhardt, and John Carruthers who deserved wiser and more ample representation. The solid core is provided by the older guard painters, Edgar Ewig and Keith Crown. The former’s rose, green and black Pickwick and Fish Barbecue and the latter’s Dove-like full spectrum and symbolic “Landscape” set the high points with mature performances.

––Fidel A. Danieli