Los Angeles

Bernard Zalusky

Ryder Gallery

This show is a sort of sketch book in relief of the artist’s recent trip to Greece. Zalusky has built up in plaster a loose liquid style bas-relief on fragments of stone, slate or marble. He represents parts of the great friezes of antiquity: the processions of horsemen, bull baiting, Athena, etc. If he intends to incorporate the feeling of unearthed remnants and a veneration for age, this is missed, for the majority of pieces have a feeling of brand newness of stone and applied artificiality of figure that is reminiscent of decorative tile work made for tract homes. However, in the best pieces, the figure integrates more successfully with the stone so as to appear a part of it. There are three hammered copper plates which are more personal images. They have broader relevance and would indicate a possible direction that might prove interesting. The show seems to be the equivalent of a sketch book––i.e., uneven.

––Barbara Smith