San Francisco

George Luks (1867–1933)

Galerie De Tours

Many years as newspaper illustrator, cartoonist, and “artist-correspondent” in the courtrooms, at the race track, and on the battlefield, developed in George B. Luks a predisposition for the quick, documentary panorama, the bold, thumbnail caricatures, and the blunt, linear implication of action. None of the drawings here shown are creations of painstaking draftsmanship, nor are they graphic compositions in esthetic terms; few of them are even the final, reworked sketches or cartoons as they would ultimately have been reproduced for publication. Rather are they “on the spot” memoranda and, as such, serve to inform us that the urgencies of journalistic illustration, in the era before the “candid camera,” constituted a unique discipline evolving a highly special style––full of gusto, intriguing, and worthy of study.

––Palmer D. French