Los Angeles

Jesus Leuus

David Shore Galleries

Jesus Leuus deals with the human situation, abstracting the figure to large simple forms. Groups of two or three people stand out in glowing, glazed and scumbled colors against rich dark backgrounds. The heads of the figures are reduced to a small circle containing only wide open expressionless eyes. The figures seem to speak without sound, and protect one another without tangible defenses. They neither wish nor act, but seem passive, apathetic, bewildered and somehow miserable. In a few, one seems to find one figure representing death. It is more massive than the rest and holds a power the others lack. The colors are jewel-like, the forms, on occasion, seem to lack interest and vitality in themselves. The rectangular shapes of applied marble dust, suggesting masonry, are not always successfully integrated. Nevertheless his statement is personal, valid and effective.

––Barbara Smith