Los Angeles

Lorser Feitelson

Ankrum Gallery

Veteran performer Lorser Feitelson has introduced a note of gracefulness to his hard-edge compositions which seems to demonstrate even further refinement than one might have thought possible. Take a solid panel of color—red, green, yellow, etc.—and bisect with one or more flowing lines of uniform width, insert a visible or implied accent of drama with a near-impact of the lines, and you have a fairly clear image of Feitelson’s new series.

The construction of these clinically sterile exercises requires the mathema­tical precision of an acutely tuned eye, so much so that the gallery visitor finds himself at a loss to know what is ex­pected of him. It is not possible to contend that here the artist succeeds, and there fails, for awareness of a hit or a miss in this exhibition is as illusive as the will-o’-the-wisp. It is nevertheless true, that viewing these paintings for any length of time leaves one’s esthetic senses aching for the emotional re­leases to be found in, for example, the label of a can of Campbell’s tomato soup.

Curt Opliger