Los Angeles

Michael Dvortcsak

Esther Bear

A young painter who received his B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1961, Dvortcsak is an accomplished draftsman with a classical background. When he started painting he deliberately set out to lose the feeling of line with which he felt so secure. Consequently, he paints first with sponges. He then selects the significant images he wants to develop and incorporates them into the finished canvas.

He uses no hard edges but merges one form into the next by a soft transition of one idea to another. He is concerned with measuring the density as well as the surface of the page and attempts to show more than one level of consciousness at a time.

The tapestry-like Escape Act, has a Chagall-like dream quality with floating figures and very rich color. Four Portraits, is a strong but gentle emergence of four beautiful white head forms juxtaposed with ochre on a red velvet material. Dvortcsak is individual and creative in his concepts as well as sensitive in their application.

––Harriette von Breton