San Francisco

“New Faces”

Artists’ Cooperative, Sacremento

Wilbur Curtis, Dwight Eberly, Jane Garritson, Jean Kalisch, Helen Landgraff, Gary Rogers, Frances Velasco Shinn and Don Yee are introduced with several recent works each, although for several of them this is not a first show.

Landgraff paints flags, to the point of chauvinism; Yee follows Gregory Kondos’ “bluish landscapes” and does it well; Curtis shows competent abstracts; Rogers is morbidly interested in vomit stains in grape-juice purple; Eberly’s Populated Silence, a sfumati rub-out reminiscent of Leonardo’s unfinished works, is spoiled by a too-glossy surface; Kalisch continues her house-top series with no curiosity about what is under them, and Shinn does some promising things with baroque blooms. As usual, the show is attractively arranged.

––Elizabeth M. Polley