San Francisco

“The Edge”

San Francisco Art Institute

Only one artist of the six exhibited, Charles Mattox, realizes what the importance of edges are to his work. The only other artists who belong in the show, Keith Boyle and David Simpson, are, one hopes, desperately struggling to establish a uniform object-ground relationship in their work that is meaningful both intellectually and, more important, esthetically. These two artists fail curiously enough at just that moment—the edge. Simpson blurs and equivocates at the point where stringency and rigor are called for. Boyle fails with his pictures by failing to resolve too many leaps from color to color and plane to ground. The pictures are too ambiguous; they lack an underlying logic and strength. The other three artists, Thomas Akawie, Lew Carson and Paul Pernish, could be substituted for by almost any other three, since their concern with edges is as peripheral as any artists one can recall.

––James Monte