San Francisco

“The Sea” and Tom Ide

Maxwell Galleries

The dealer’s exhibition in the main gallery features a selection of European and American marine paintings. Americans are represented mainly by 19th-century “rock-and-wave” genre pieces including, inevitably, an Edward Moran. Of anecdotal interest to San Franciscans are Charles R. Peters’ charming 1885 view of Fisherman’s Wharf and Telegraph Hill and Coulter’s rendition of the San Francisco regatta of 1875. Outstanding artistically, however, is Bierstadt’s Rainbow. This unique study of the rainbow effect to be seen in the mist generated by a waterfall is a little off the sea theme of the exhibition, but one is glad of its inclusion. Bierstadt employed his choice of subject matter to approach an almost abstract essay in light and color. Among the European exhibits Othon Friez’s Port de Cassis, Boudin’s Boats by the River and Metzinger’s cubist Seaport merit mention.

The Young Collectors’ Gallery, upstairs, features Tom Ide’s debut San Francisco showing. Mr. Ide was hardly ready for a “debut” anywhere, since he has hardly made up his mind with respect to rather fundamental considerations of direction. His dominant predilection at this time however would appear to be for abstract impressionistic confections with harlequinesque motifs.

––Palmer D. French