San Francisco

Nancy Clark

Quay Gallery

Mrs. Clark exhibits a dozen abstract variations on a vaguely figurative theme with some­what erotic overtones, entitled Leyen­das. With the gradual progression re­miniscent of cinematic film frames, a pair of formal motifs (one dark and shadowy, one in tentative flesh tones) is slowly processed from cool tonalities and syntactical placidity to a high-keyed palette and a frenzy of compositional turbulence. Technically the work is un­even in quality from canvas to canvas. Of primary interest, however, is the evolving sequence as such, and probably the artist would agree that none of these paintings, individually, were in­tended to stand apart from their total context. This is Mrs. Clark’s first solo exhibition and she has chosen to share through these telling variations, some of the insights born of her grapplings with the dynamic problems of her per­sonal idiom. Also included in the exhi­bition are some dramatic nude studies.

––Palmer D. French