San Francisco

“Summer Exhibits”

Maxwell Galleries

The past season has been a succession of undistinguished one-man shows at this gallery; Frank Kleinholz whose work, strongly influenced by Max Beckmann, is a late survival of the social com­mentary expressionism of the WPA era; Alba Heywood who essays cloyingly sentimental idyllic landscapes (with male nudes) and interior scenes of old rustic houses; and, finally, Robert Wat­son whose commercially successful banalities are about on a par with the work of Walter Keane. Of redeeming merit. however, have been Mr. Maxwell’s steadily solid and distinguished dealers’ exhibitions, which, among other note­worthy items, have recently afforded San Franciscans a viewing of one of Chaim Soutine’s most powerful land­scapes (which had been shown in the historic 1938 New York exhibition of Soutine’s work) and a major canvas by Paul Klee entitled Trees and Moun­tains.

––Palmer D. French