Los Angeles

First Annual Pacific Art Classic

Van Nuys Savings & Loan Assoc.

Sponsored by the Van Nuys Savings and Loan Association, this show “came into being out of a growing need for an exhibition in Southern California that would truly represent what leading artists and art students are accomplishing.” It succeeded; everyone concerned is to be congratulated.

All of the major directions were well represented, and some of the best work being done in these directions was shown. The award winners were: Sheila Ross Liberation of Paris, 1964 (oil, pencil on paper); Lorser Feitelson Hard Edge Painting, July 19, 1964 (oil on canvas); Llyn Foulkes Post Card, 1964 (oil on canvas); Edward Moses Some Roses are Yellow (1963, graphite on board). The student award went to Karen Mclaughlin, for untitled, December, 1963 (oil on canvas). Without the labels, it was impossible to pick out the students, verifying the bold notion of reaching into the classrooms, if necessary, for this exhibition. Two works stood out. One was the non-prize-winning work of Lorser Feitelson, the Hard Edge Line Painting, 1964, a work done in two types of white, with two shades of yellow and one orange line crossing the white field; it was a lovely and lyrical thing. Richard Pettibone was represented by an oil on glass painting, Daylight, 1964, a study of what was one of the most beautiful examples of applied design ever seen—the steam engine that used to pull the Daylight Limited between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

H. J. Weeks