San Francisco

Fred Martin

Lanyon Gallery

Martin combines watercolor, collage, pencil line and script into pictures that are mystic messages as well as decorations. He chooses his subjects from nature and passages of poetry or philosophical prose, but which item stimulates the selection of the other is part of the intriguing mystery that makes his work so tantalizing. Whatever the procedure, when Martin finishes with a composition it becomes not only a visual delight but a gem of thought. His show at Lanyon is small, and has been carefully selected from four years of continuous work. In it he proclaims his deep interest in art as the essence of all things both natural and man-made, yet concedes the theory that art is ordered by the hand of man from the phenomena around him. And by means of his subtle artistry he advances the theory that man must search for the heart and soul of the found object nature places at his command, must reveal them with perception and skill without being pedantic.

His recent works are larger in size, and have as much in common with the wordless song of a child as they have with a full scale symphony orchestra.

Elizabeth M. Polley